St Louis audiologist with patient

Hearing Health News

Poor communication, including from hearing loss, is one of the leading causes of error in medical diagnoses and treatments. Now that masks and face shields are commonplace, hearing and understanding are even more of a challenge. Here are some suggestions for effective communication with health providers.

Let your medical provider know you have a hearing loss

This will encourage your physician or other specialist to make an extra effort to communicate clearly.

If necessary, make communication suggestions

The nurse, physician’s assistant, or physician might not know that turning away, putting a chart in front of their face, or talking while looking down makes it more difficult for you to understand.

Ask for written information and instructions

This is a good idea even if you have excellent hearing. Many people have difficulty remembering information and instructions following a visit to the doctor’s office.

Repeat the question if necessary

Asking, “Doctor, did you ask me how long I’ve had this cough?” is better than guessing what was asked.

If in doubt, ask for another set of ears

It’s a challenge to hear, understand, and remember everything that’s said, even in the best of circumstances. Asking a family member, friend, caregiver, or interpreter to accompany you should reduce both the stress and the possibility of a serious misunderstanding.

Patients with hearing loss who take advantage of the hearing care available today do well in all kinds of listening settings. Our practice has many success stories. Be proactive and take that first step to discuss your hearing difficulties.

Please contact our office today to schedule an appointment. Let us help you achieve better hearing, which leads to better overall wellness and quality of life!