We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

Bill Winslade

Shirley Grim

Clara Miles

John Hildebrandt

Shirlene Koch

Paul Boyer

Leonard Massa, Maryville, IL

I have had difficulty hearing for approximately 10 years. This is my second set of hearing aids. Dr. Kopjas referred me to Dr. T.K. I purchased the hearing aids on 10/2012, and when I wear both hearing aids I can hear very good. I believe this new technology is wonderful. I am very satisfied with the Better Hearing Clinic and especially with Dr. T.K.! Dr. T.K. is available and extremely knowledgeable about the hearing aids he sells. I do recommend Dr. T.K. for hearing needs.

Juanita L. Eyers, Patient Since February 16, 2014, Jerseyville, IL

I came to Better Hearing Clinic February 16, 2014, referred by Eric Daniels. I was having trouble — had 3 aids in 6 months. I needed a doctor’s help. I found out [I had] total loss in my right ear and 70% loss in my left ear from Dr. T.K.'s hearing examination. I was fitted for an aid in my left ear. I can hear at church, I watch TV, I can hear on the phone. I got the best there is for me. The fact that I hear as well as I do is wonderful. I am well pleased. At 87 years young why should I be unhappy? I am being well cared for. Thanks! I will tell all my friends!

Jane Rivers, St. Louis, MO

Dear Dr. T.K. Parthasarathy,

It was a pleasure to meet you. I am glad I went to the health fair at Alton Memorial and had my hearing checked. I knew I had problems understanding words, especially in large crowds, on the phone, and small children. I had great difficulty trying to distinguish between s, f, and t. since getting my hearing aids, I have been able to turn down the television and been able to participate in large crowds without having to ask someone else to find out what had been said. Thank you for taking time to explain everything to me. Hardly anyone notices that I wear hearing aids. Thanks for making listening a pleasure again.

Nancy Kruse and Donald Kruse, Patient Since March 11, 2014, Moro, Illinois

Dr. T.K. Parthasarathy:

Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate all you have done for us. It has changed our lives. First, giving us the free hearing test; he would listen to what a doctor would tell him, how bad his hearing is, and [how] it could get worse without getting help. He would tell me I talk too soft or I look away. I think he understands now. Then we met Dr. Parthasarathy. He was so caring and made Don feel that he understood how he was hearing and could help him to hear better. Also telling him what he was missing. And he was! Our life has changed so much, even the family and grandkids like it better. Now Papa can hear them, too. We were so blessed to find a caring doctor at Better Hearing Clinic. Please do not let your hearing get away!

Jim and Heidi Todd, Godfrey, IL

Dear Dr. Parthasarathy,

On behalf of the Godfrey Lions Club, we wish to express our gratitude for your donation of $100 which will be put to good use for hearing-impaired children/adults. On a personal note, Jim and I wish to again thank you for your generosity and for the excellent and compassionate care you have given Jim during the process of getting his hearing aids. It still amazes him the sounds he has forgotten about and is hearing again, as if for the first time. He had many reservations about hearing aids, from the cost to the vain aspects of having to get an aid. However, through your knowledge and understanding of everything, he he is now happy to have them. I can’t imagine not being able to not hear or see, for that matter. There are so many people in our community needing assistance, and your gift will be used to give another person an opportunity to hear. In fact, we have already heard of one and will be working with her financially.

Richard W. Hancock, Patient Since June 18, 2014

Dear Dr. Parthasarathy,

In response to your letter regarding my experience with your practice, I was extremely pleased with it. I had difficulty hearing and understanding for about 30 years due to industrial hearing loss. When we asked Dr. John Hoelscher to recommend a hearing aid facility, he recommended yours. I got my hearing aids about 30–45 days ago and have been very pleased with the functionality of them. You were very prompt in filling out and faxing insurance forms so we could be reimbursed a portion of the purchase price and were so kind as to call and let me know when you faxed them. It is a rare thing to find a doctor who appears so concerned about his patients, and I appreciated it tremendously. I would not have any problem at all recommending a friend or family member to your practice for their hearing needs. You provided great service to me and displayed a very caring attitude which is as I said very rare in your profession. Thank you for all your help and expertise. God bless you.

Carol Tutwiler, Edwardsville, IL

Thank you for replacing my hearing aid rechargeable batteries. You truly are one of my most thoughtful and caring doctors, which in today's world is rare. Your kindness is appreciated.

Maynard Croff, Alton, IL

I was not aware of how much I was missing in my life. I would hear a bird singing and could not find it. (Now when I hear a bird singing, I look right at it.) TV is turned a lot lower; I am hearing other noises in the house that I never heard before (like the hot water heater turning on, the click the thermostat makes when heater turns on and off, the noise of our grandfather clock). The clear voices on phone and the sound you hear as you slide a key into a lock. Music has many tones I was not hearing before and am hearing true stereo.

Bill Winslade, Shipman, IL

I am so glad I saw your advertisement in the paper and decided to try one more time to hear better. I cannot believe how the setting for ringing in the ears has helped me.

Charles Brown

Great doctor!